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Exclusive VR Simulators - First time in Kerala


VR Treadmill

Omni-directional compact VR treadmill to level up your immersive gaming experience. Jump right in, and stay sharp as you have now entered the battlefield. OR rejoice & relax by watching your friend making the action hero moves.


Virtual Roller Coaster

Up for a Roller coaster challenge ?
Enjoy the exciting rides across a virtual landscape. Our exclusive VR simulator pushes the limits.
Come try them out for yourself!


Walk on Plank

If you are new to VR, this is the one experience you can't miss....!
Get your adrenaline pumped up by walking on the plank, 1000ft high.
And if you dare to jump, you will have to face your worst nightmares.

kayak vr.jpg

Kayaking Sim

The most realistic Kayaking Experience ever !

Immerse yourself in enchanting landscapes for a relaxing Kayak ride.

Explore Forests, Snowy mountains & beautiful lakes.

Cycling VR.jpg

VR Bicycle Ride

Want to get fit while exploring new territories ? The virtual bicycle rides we offer are sure to entertain and keep the fun going for hours on end. Put the headset on, and start pedalling. No more boring indoor cycling.

Our Collection
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